Are You or Your Business Looking To Regain That Creative Spark?

Whether your team is spread too far apart to meet, your current method of meeting online has sapped your team's creative energy, or you're just looking for opportunities to network and meet interesting new people, The Spark Virtual Campus is your online solution.

  • 1.

    Work! Co-Work With Other Local, Regional & Global Businesses

    Co-Working On The Spark Nashville gives you 24/7 access to countless potential new customers, strategic partners, employees and networking opportunities!

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    Meet! A Central SpaceFor Business, Social & Personal Events

    Whether you're hosting a small networking meetings, a family reunion, a multi-day workshop or a full blown conference, The Spark Nashville is the perfect solution! Interactive avatars enable you to talk with others attendees in real time. You also have you access to multiple screens for sharing your live webcams, sharing your computer screen, showing your website or uploading documents or presentations.

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    Play! Enjoy Entertainment, Sports and Other Recreational Opportunities

    The Spark Nashville features a wide variety of entertainment options! Whether you're looking for music, art, comedy or just checking out all the city has to offer, you'll find it all in this one central hub!

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