The Social Media Platform For Creating Shared Experiences!

Do You Feel Disconnected? Has Your Team Lost Its Creative Spark?

Whether you're 'grounded' by Covid-19, your team is spread too far apart to meet or your current method of meeting online has sapped your team's creative energy, The Spark Virtual Campus is your solution.

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    Conferences and Other Large Online Events

    From 10 to 10,000 attendees, The Spark can accommodate you! You have your choice of over 70 virtual venues, including auditoriums, theaters, classrooms, board rooms, networking areas, concert areas and a fully interactive trade show.

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    Meetings, Workshops and Seminars

    The Spark Virtual Campus gives you access to multiple screens for sharing your live webcams, sharing your computer screen, showing your website or uploading a document or presentation. Our interactive tools allow attendees to talk to and network with each other, ask questions of the presenters, and much more.

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