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2020 has been a crazy year for all of us. The professionals who expand their networks & build multiple revenue streams are much more likely to survive and thrive. Just because we have to be physically separated, doesn’t mean we cannot gather together. So, you will participate in The 2020 Spark Xperience right from your home or office! Watch the speakers you want to, make new connections through 1-on-1 conversations, and join in real time masterminding in one of 70+ rooms on The Spark Virtual Campus. The entire 20-day 2020 Spark Xperience is designed to kindle new connections, to spark your creativity, and to help you blaze a new path toward your success.

What Is The Spark 2020 Xperience?

  • Clubhouse20 Days of Top Tier Speakers and Mentors

  • 20 Days of 24/7 Onsite Virtual Content

  • 20 Days of Breakout Indie Artists

  • 20 Days of Career Building Resources

  • 20 Days of Networking with Global Creators

  • 20 Days of Prizes and Give-Aways

  • $20,000 of Industry Education

For Music, Film/TV and Business Professionals and Creators

Over 40 Speakers!

Here Is A Partial List

        • Dr. David Gruder - 12-Award-Winning Integrative Psychologist and Human Potential Strategist & Tactician- "With Freedom Comes Accountability: A Crucial Key to High Productivity High Happiness Workplaces, Communities & Nations"
        • Michael Peterson - Country star with 3 #1 hits
        • Bob Bender - Host of 'The Business Side of Music' podcast
        • Rich Redmond, record label owner and drummer for Jason Aldean
        • Dmitri Vietze of Rock, Paper Scissors
        • Michael Elsner - Master Music Licensing
        • Tracy Hazzard - Podcasting Strategist, Former Inc. Columnist, CEO and Co-Founder of Brandcasters, Inc.
        • Ryan Gottfredson - Assistant Professor of Leadership; Best-Selling Author of Success Mindsets; Mindset Consultant/Trainer/Speaker
        • Alex Heiche - CEO of Sound Royalties
        • Deanna Walker - Hit songwriter, Professor at Vanderbilt University
        • Robin Earl - Vocal Coach
        • Dave Austin - Former label CEO, co-writer of Songwriting for Dummies, world renown mental performance coach
        • Gary Earl, Producer and songwriter with over 1000 film/TV placements
        • Bill Cinque - Motivational speaker, author, pro bass player for Neil Diamond and others
        • Vinny Ribas - Founder and CEO of Indie Connect and Top 4M Entertainment
        • David Craver - Founder, Open Mic Int'l
        • Bram Bessoff - Founder and President of IndieHitMaker
        • Tony Bodoh - Customer Experience Strategist, #1 Best Selling Author and Speaker
        • Mark Adams - CEO at Blinding Talent and former Director of Music at Channel 4/The Box
        • Rick Beresford -Award-winning songwriter with #1 hits
        • Penny Zenker - Productivity Expert, Executive coach, TEDx Speaker, Tug of War with Time Podcast
        • Mark S.A. Smith - Business Growth Strategist, Best selling author, Host of the Selling Disruption Show
        • Mark DiMassimo - Behavior Change Marketing, Branding, Design & Advertising. Founder, Creative Chief at DiMassimo Goldstein
        • Will Carter - Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Music Starts Here
        • September Dohrmann - CEO of CEO Space, Forbes.com’s “must attend” conference for entrepreneurs
        • David Rothwell - Google Ads Expert, Best Selling Author, International Speaker
        • Matt Coatney - AI Expert, C-Level Technology Executive, Award-Winning Author, TED/Keynote Speaker
        • Joel Block - Futurist in Resident, Motivational Keynote Speaker, CEO
        • Hugh Ballou - Leadership Consultant, Non-profit Expert, Organizational Transformation Facilitator
        • Ivy Slater - Business Coach,  Speaker,  Author,  Podcast Host, Serving Women Business Owners + Corporate Sales Teams
        • Kerrie Hoffman - Digital Transformation Expert, Former CIO for Fortune 500 Companies, Strategic Advisor


Before 1 PM - Open Networking

1 PM - 3 PM - Speakers or Panels

3 PM - 5 PM - Expo Opens

5 PM - 6 PM - Structured Networking

6 PM - 8 PM - Speakers or Panels

After 8 PM -    Entertainment

All Times CST

Prizes and Giveaways, Including...

Books Hats  ⧫  T-Shirts  ⧫  1-On-1 Consulting Sessions

Training Programs  ⧫  3 Day Nashville Stay & Play

1 Month Spark Membership  ⧫  3 Month Spark Membership

ReIgnite Tickets  ⧫  Artist Music Downloads

Exhibitor Gear & Misc. Giveaways

Sponsor Giveaways  ⧫  Misc Gift Cards

How To Get Started

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4. Watch for an invitation to download The Spark app to your
computer (starting Oct 11)

Meet with industry professionals and creators, spark new insights and ideas, forge new relationships that grow your business and career while everyone else is
waiting for the problem to be solved.


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