Virtual Artist Showcase Featuring


November 21st, 2020 3pm EST

Join Amy Porchelli as she shares songs from her debut album Bigger than me, a collection of original songs that share her journey of empathy, tenacity, and resolution.

At this Virtual Artist Showcase, you'll be able to listen to AND interact with Amy as she performs her original music. You'll have a chance to ask her questions, meet and chat with her fans, friends, and family, and have a virtual-face-to-face conversation with her after the event through our partner venue, The Spark!

Experience an intimate and interactive event, help support artists who are struggling during the Covid lockdown, and get a chance to take part in this fascinating new event world! Your ticket purchase will support Amy and provide you access to the Spark platform where you'll experience the event through a digital avatar. Be sure to sign up well before the event so you can explore the world and even sneak a peek of the sound check!

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About Amy PorchellI...

Amy Porchelli is a contemporary classical painter and singer/songwriter. Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, her passion has always been for drawing, painting and music. In 1982, she was the youngest recipient of the Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards Contest, exhibiting her draw-ings and paintings at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. In 1986, she received the Uni-versity of Massachusetts, Amherst Chancellor Scholarship in Art, and earned her BFA (Painting) in 1990. In 1988, she was invited to attend the Art Academy in Bruges, Belgium Fine Art Sum-mer Art Program. Here, she developed her skills for classical realism in painting and drawing. Following graduation, Amy worked as a Product Illustrator and Graphic Artist for commercial printing organizations. In 2008, her passion for art and innovation earned her a MS, in Commu-nication and Information Management from Bay Path University.

In 2011, Amy founded ArtSong, LLC, an arts enrichment company, designed to adhere to her passion and commitment to art, education and mentorship in serving local communities. Art-Song, LLC continues to provide art instruction and creative programs for local communities and organizations. Amy’s passion for classical art and music has remained her true pursuit. Her love for music; placed her in several musical roles at the Majestic Theater in West Springfield, MA; as Skye in the musical Anthem, as Maria Elena in the Buddy Holly Story, as a vocalist with the Majestic Divas and Home for the Holidays, and in Tuesdays with Morrie. In 2019, Amy released her debut album titled; “bigger than me,” a collection of original rock ballads. Her songs reflect empathy, tenacity and resolution. Amy shares, “bigger than me” encompasses a collection of stories that express things outside our control, how we embrace, respond and grow from these experiences.” “Bigger than me” recording project began in April of 2016. Following completion of composition, vocals and piano, she invited other musicians to accompany her on the project. Amy describes painting and music; as both “expressive art forms that allow the artist to provoke feeling, engage the viewer/listener and share ideas. My passion for both art and music aim at revealing the beauty found in nature and humanity.