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The pandemic that has overtaken the world has forced people to work from home and stop holding in person meetings and events. The technology world has done an amazing job of enabling people to conduct business, educate students or just engage in conversations online. In almost no time at all, countless companies launched or ramped up to keep the wheels of life turning.

Although communications technology may have been the hero of 2020, it also resulted in numerous unforeseen challenges. 2 of the most prominent issues are mental fatigue from staring at a virtually motionless computer screen all day and a feeling of isolation due to the lack of real human, spontaneous interactions.  

The good news is that there are a few effective things you can do to help avoid these situations and improve attention, retention and productivity. 

1) Encourage social interactions rather than sticking strictly to business. Humans are social animals, and most of us crave building deep connections with others. Adding fun, humor and interactive aspects to your meetings will help satisfy everyone’s cravings for human connections. 

2) Encourage constant interaction. For many people, just listening to people talk for hours on end without the ability to engage in a conversation is akin to torture. Most people will completely tune out – either physically or just mentally. 

3) Avoid the lifeless one-to-many platforms that have become the ‘go-to’ sites for meetings. Instead, utilize online platforms that emulate real-world physical events such as The Spark Virtual Campus and Event Center. In these interactive virtual worlds, attendees build personalized avatars with microphones. It enables viewers to 1) choose between concurrent events and activities; 2) start spontaneous conversations with others, and; 3) even go dancing or for a boat ride when it’s time for a break.  

Whether you’re keeping in touch with employees, speaking with customers, teaching a class or hosting a networking event, the closer you can get to emulating human activities, the more productive and successful you will be.


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Post-Covid Life

February 14, 2021