Join Connecticut based singer/songwriter

John Fazio Jr.

As he performs original music from his most recent studio album: Release

February 12, 2021 at 7 PM EST

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About The Artist

John Fazio Jr has just released a new studio effort titled “Release.” What’s really special about this album is that it tastefully blurs the lines between a wide variety of ideas and stylistic concepts, making for a one-of-a-kind feel and a refreshing attitude. This new project is a really good calling card for an artist who borrows from so many different styles and influences, coming out with a remarkably defined sound, filled with character and deeply personal nuances. The album actually features 11 songs, each setting the bar higher in terms of vision and personality. One of the most distinctive features on the album is the bright, yet warm sound of the acoustic guitars. John strums with intensity, providing a melodic and rhythmic backbone for his vocals to unfold. These songs are simple and direct, allowing the artist to express his feelings and to focus on writing personal lyrics that are very honest and relatable indeed.

The Album

In terms of its performance, 'Release' definitely hits the mark. The album is played with personality, passion, and intensity. In addition to that, there is a unique focus on trying to get the intensity of the full-length going steady, with the right pathos and vibe to match the arrangement of this beautiful studio work. On the album, there is room for soothing folk ballads, such as “Strength, Hope, Love,” as well as hard-hitting tunes such as “Fight,” showcasing some alternative rock influences and John’s ability to set the energy higher and ramp up the intensity of his songwriting. This song in particular is perhaps the most distinctive on on the album, showcasing an almost punk rock blend of rawness, while still retaining the intimacy of John’s signature acoustic style. These are only two highlights, but the album is packed to the brim with excellent songs worthy of your attention.

Any fan of artists as diverse as Elliott Smith, Dave Matthews Band, Wilco, and Calexico will be absolutely pleased with the sound of this one, so give this release a go and don’t pass up! With such great melodies and forward-thinking sonic aesthetics, you really can’t go wrong with this one.

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Find out more about John Fazio Jr, and do not miss out on “Release,” which is now available on the web.

Connect with John:


Facebook/Youtube/Instagram/Soundcloud: @JohnFazioJr

Snapchat: Jfaz777