Why You Should Become A Member At The Spark Nashville

Culture Room

Get Inspired

Explore The Spark Nashville for 24 hours.

$9 - One-time payment


Ignite Your Dreams

Meet, work & play on The Spark Nashville for 30 days.

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Be an Influencer

Invite 3 guests to join you for 30 days on The Spark Nashville.


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What are 8 things you can do on The Spark Nashville?

  1. Explore all that Nashville has
  2. Plan your trip to Nashville
  3. Co-work in public spaces
  4. Network with other members
  5. Attend member-only events
  6. Enjoy member-only concerts
  7. Access on-demand training from experts & celebrities
  8. Play games with members & guests

What can you discover about Nashville?

We have hand-selected some of the most popular destinations for tourists and some of the special spots locals love. Check the following rooms at The Spark Nashville.

      • Welcome Center
      • New To Nashville
      • Nashville Boroughs
      • Fine Arts in Nashville
      • Nashville Museum Virtual Tours
      • Nashville Zoo
      • Nashville Parks & Nature
      • Nashville Film & Television
      • Nashville Events & Festivals
      • Hot Chicken Heaven
      • Nashville College Sports
      • Nashville Pro Sports
      • Higher Education in Nashville
      • Technology In Nashville
      • Local Musician Resources
      • Nashville Church Community

What else can you do on The Spark Nashville?

      • Visit The Spark World Tour
      • Drive the 5 Boats we have
      • Play on the Soccer Field
      • Visit the Soccer Field Stage to see what's playing
      • Relax at the Beach
      • Watch a live or on-demand performance at the Beach Stage
      • Explore The Clubhouse with Roof Stage
      • Climb Lighthouse and view the whole island
      • Play the Invisible Path Game with your friends
      • Try some of our customized games