Full ReIgnite Conference Experience.

From Anywhere in the World.

In these uncertain times, the indie music professionals who expand their networks & build multiple revenue streams are much more likely to survive and thrive. Just because we have to be physically separated, doesn’t mean we cannot gather together. So, you will participate in the ReIgnite The Music Virtual Conference right from your home or office! Watch every speaker at the event, make new connections through 1-on-1 conversations, and join in real time masterminding in one of 70+ rooms on The Spark Virtual Campus. The entire conference is designed to kindle new connections, to spark your creativity, and to help you blaze a new path toward your success.

  • MEET

    Hundreds of like minded music professionals and creatives from around the globe. Network, collaborate and build your tribe.

    3 days of group seminars, panels, 1-on-1 mentorship, Q & A sessions, resource building, pitch & critiques with top-tier industry experts.

    Create new ways, opportunities and partnerships for building tangible revenue streams & focus funnels to help reignite your music career.

Every attendee builds his or her own avatar and communicates via real time voice or chat. That enables 1-on-1 and group networking just as if you were at a physical conference!

Join all 3 days of the conference from the comfort of your office or home.

It’s Time to ReIgnite Your Relationships, Your Creativity, and Your Music Career

Student Discount | General Ticket $25 | VIP $49!

Nov 20 - 22, 2020


Rich Redmond
Drummer Jason Aldean

Michael Peterson
Hit Songwriter & Artist

Ariel Hyatt
Founder - Cyber PR

Alex Heiche
Sound Royalties CEO

Allen Johnson
The Music Specialist

Dave Austin
Performance Coach

Lou Plaia
ReverbNation CEO

Michael Elsner
Master Music Licensing

Dan Melnick
Sonic Bids

Darryl Hurs
Indie Week / CD Baby

Thalia Ewing
Licensing Master BMG

Chad Jeffers
Guitarist Carrie Underwood

Makenzie Stokel
Book With Eva

Dmitri Vietze
Rock Paper Scissors

Roy Elkins
BroadJam Inc CEO

Barry Coffing
Music Supervisor CEO

Kyle Saylors
Media Maverick

Gary Earl
Producer / Sync Specialist

Keith Profeta
Indie Band Guru

Cassandra Kubinski
Women In Music

More Great Speakers, Panelist, Podcasters & Artists

Bob Bender (The Business Side of Music) - David Craver (Open Mic Intl.) - Casey Barker - (Mix Engineer / Producer) - Deanna Walker (Vanderbilt/Blair Songwriting Instructor) - Rick Beresford (Belmont Songwriting Instructor) - Cassandra Spangler, ESQ. (Entertainment Attorney) Tony Bodoh (Growth & Transformation Guru) - Vinny Ribas (Indie Connect) - Mike Stewart (The Internet Marketing Guy) - Robin Earl (Vocal Coach) - Will Carter (Music Starts Here) - Christiano Gomes (RVR-1) - Melinda Ebert (TOP Entertainment)

Prizes & Giveaways, Including...

Books ⧫ Hats  ⧫  T-Shirts  ⧫  1-On-1 Consulting Sessions
Training Programs  ⧫  3 Day Nashville Stay & Play
1 Month Spark Membership  ⧫  3 Month Spark Membership
  Artist Music Downloads ⧫ Exhibitor Gear & Misc. Giveaways
Sponsor Giveaways  ⧫  Misc. Gift Cards ⧫ and more...



Student Discount | General Ticket $25 | VIP $49!

Nov 20 - 22, 2020


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