Meet The Team

Vinny Ribas - CEO

Vinny is the CEO if Creative Innovations, LLC, the owner of The Spark. He is the founder of Indie Connect and Indie Connect TV.  He is an artist manager and consultant, as well as a strategic planner, grant and business plan writer, author and more. Some of his projects include:

    • School Tour – 16 artists will be performing and speaking on social acceptance at schools across the IS, Canada, the UK and Brazil!
    • Top 4M Entertainment  and Pinstripe Entertainment (CEO) – TV/film production; owner of 3 TV channels.
    • Indie Connect (CEO and Founder) – Artist management, consulting and training. We help musicians how to turn their talents into a stable career.
    • Co-author of the #1 best seller, ‘LEVERAGE: Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got’  and ‘CEO Secrets‘, plus hundreds of published business and music industry articles, books and eBooks.
    • LeaderBridge – Consulting and training for small business owners and leaders.


Will Carter - COO and VP of Operations

HBW Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. / Wealth Acceleration Strategies is an open-architecture, non-captive financial services marketing organization dedicated to helping individuals and businesses educate and position themselves for the greatest possible financial stability and success. We provide the latest in financial innovations and services designed to accelerate every area of one’s financial life. Our mission is to provide financial solutions that not only work but consistently outpace the market in every possible way.

Specialties: - Financial Education

    • Insurance (Life, Health, Disability, Long-Term-Care)
    • Personal Investments
    • Corporate Investments (401K & 403B Management)
    • Educational (college) Funding
    • Senior Settlements
    • Fixed and Indexed Annuities
    • Mortgage (Conforming / FHA / VA / RD / Reverse / Commercial, etc...)
    • Cash Flow Creation & Management
    • Credit Maintenance & Reconstruction
    • Debt Reduction / Equity Enhancement
    • Estate Planning

Tony Bodoh - VP of Customer Experience

Tony Bodoh is the CEO of Tony Bodoh International, a customer experience consultancy. TBI’s focus is on applying the science of human experience to deepen the customer relationships that build brands and grow businesses. In 2018, Tony was named one of the “Top Customer Service Movers and Shakers You Should Follow.”

He is also a co-founder of 3 other businesses, including Pinstripe Entertainment which runs Pinstripe.TV and BZNS. Tony describes Pinstripe.TV as “Netflix meets Amazon Prime Video for business people.” The platform provides live-streaming and curated on-demand shows, documentaries, and courses for business leaders. BZNS is an all-business broadcast channel launching in 2020.

Tony is a speaker, podcaster, and co-author of three #1 Best Selling books including:

    • ProphetAbility - The Revealing Story of Why Companies Succeed, Fail, or Bounce Back;
    • Leverage - How to Achieve a Lot with the Little You’ve Got; and, The Complete Experience -
    • Unlocking the Secrets of Online Reviews that Drive Customer Loyalty. 

Prior to starting his own businesses, Tony worked for Gaylord Entertainment. The Gaylord Hotels leadership team wanted to optimize their ability to co-yield revenue from their massive resorts and convention centers. Tony analyzed guest and meeting planner feedback, sales data, logistics issues, and human traffic flow and created an algorithm that enabled the brand to maximize occupancy and profitability. He then applied his algorithm to the design of Gaylord National, which was being built at the time. The company changed the design of the meeting rooms and the number of guest rooms in the resort based on his recommendations, which resulted in an additional $45 million in revenue each year.

Tony lives in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and two daughters, and spends his free time between volunteering in the community with his family and binge-watching historical documentaries.

Christiano GomesChristiano Gomes - CFO and VP of Foreign Development

Engineer and postgraduate in statistics in Brazil, works as Management Consultant partner for the last 15 years in several Markets and Fields as financing, industries, logistics, entertainment, sports, construction, distribution, retail, startups and governments. In 2015 created RVR 1, focusing on creating opportunities for people worldwide, but always using management skills to make it all possible.

    • Goals alignment (Financial, Operational and Projects / OKRs)
    • Financial Management, Projection and Budget
    • Revenue and Costs Management
    • Processes Management
    • Team Management
    • Causes Analysis and Action Plans Construction / Control
    • KPIs and PPIs Control